Installing TwinCAT ain’t always issue free download->install->restart->run. Such was my case with following clean setup on Virtual Machine:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 32bit
  • TwinCAT 3.1 Build 4020

where I received this nice error message: “the installation of microsoft visual studio 2013 integrated shell has failed

First thought, restart and try again, usually worked on another errors on different configurations, but not this time.

Visual Studio 2013 Integrated Shell

Download this small installer here and run. It’ll probably end up with “Windows Program Compatibility mode is on. Turn it off and then try Setup again.” such as in my case. To save you googleing, copy installer to another location and rename to VS_ISOSHELL, that should solve the problem.

Next time you run TwinCAT XAE installer, it should detect existing VS2013 shell, as it would with any other installed VS > 2010, and offer to integrate it.

Existing VS shell integration

When installing TwinCAT XAE on system with existing VS installation, be aware that it will most probably mess up your VS window settings.