Some time has passed since the last post… actually a long time.

Quick DajSiePoznac summary

Let’s be honest, it was an utter failure. At some point, due to participating in too many projects I faced hard choice regarding my spare time, bloggers fame and glory or sleep, I choose the letter, yet had none of the above. Pure magic. When it comes to visitors, one is sure, bots love my writing. They visit and comment everyday, day and night (if only those comments made any sense). Beside them… well… even saying friends and family is exaggeration.

What’s next?

Since I don’t have enough time to finish library I started to write for DajSiePoznac, I’ll focus on things I use, and will use in following months. Which may be interesting for some (doubt that). By coincidence I will have to learn some new stuff, and learn it fast. Google based crash course you may say, and what’s better way to understand stuff, than explaining it to another?

Real-Time, TwinCAT 3 and LIN

So far I wrote CAN/LIN communication software in C#, and lately in F#. On a horizon, I have project which requires hard RT, and thus .NET is not an option (damn you Garbage Collector!!!).

CLR GC is a poor choice for hard RT

Before you argue, if an actual hard real-time is needed for LIN communication, or it can be worked around for performance, ask yourself, would you’d like to end up with premium car with incorrectly calibrated seat-heater, just because GC kicked-in. I thought so.

I’m kind of excited when I think of it.

  • new programming language and environment (so far I only know how to do pretty basic, PASCAL-like stuff in  TwinCAT 2)
  • new hardware (never worked with Beckhoff EL6001  Serial Interface Terminal before)
  • tight timing for operations

how bad can it get?



So far I considered few alternatives, Haskell EDSLs Ivory and Atom, as funprog is jazzy, but no one I know could confirm it’s actually suited for my application, it would mean writing additional wrappers for manufacturer provided drivers, for Kvaser LIN Leaf or Vector VN1611, plus I already have to failed attempts to learn Haskell.


There seems to be something called RTSJ (Real-Time Specification for Java), which is claimed to be used in South Korean T-50 jet trainer. But it’s more like curiosity for me. I just don’t trust anything that’s named Java, JVM or based on it.


No introduction required, best candidate. But where’s the fun? The journey into unknown?


DajSiePoznac was a failure. Expect “LIN/TwinCAT for dummies by dummy”, unless again I’ll have to pick between sleep and blog.